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Training + Guide Scriptwriting

Training + Guide Scriptwriting

What if you could ensure that your volunteers were providing consistent and high quality tours, staying on topic, with rich interesting information for your visitors? What if your volunteer guides were left with minimal supervision, but were provided with the right tools, ensuring that your visitors would be engaged and satisfied?

Antenna’s scriptwriting services make this easy by providing docents with easy-to-follow talking points that result in increased visitors appreciation and an understanding of the museum and its collection.

Every day, we work with clients of all sizes around the world to create engaging experiences, and we know how to create authentic experiences. During the scriptwriting process, we share this knowledge with you, refining a stop list, capturing interesting and meaningful stories through primary source research, expertly conducting interviews and drafting a script in close collaboration highlighting special collections and objects and surprises that visitors might not have noticed on their own.

The detailed, expanded outline or script will give docents sufficient information and flexibility to lead a variety of tours, while still having broad appeal.  Positioning your museum within a context, docents will have talking points about each gallery.  These talking points allow the docents to craft their own dialogue and meet the needs of their specific audiences at any given time, building on your institution’s current demographics and marketing goals.

Building upon your museum’s rich docent program without taking away from the rich personal experiences enables these dedicated volunteers to draw upon outlines and scripts that will ensure consistency of story and the highest quality visitor experience, aligning with your institution’s goals and objectives.