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Our approach to content distribution is focussed on giving you everything you need for a future-proof interpretation strategy. We know from talking to our clients on a daily basis that platforms and the way people engage are constantly changing – which is why we believe in being platform agnostic.

Antenna has a proud heritage of technical innovation. We have been responsible for every major development in mobile interpretation since the cassette player. In 1995, Antenna revolutionized the audio guide industry with the introduction of the first truly random access player using CD-ROM technology, the GalleryGuide™. At the turn of the millennium we introduced the award-winning X-plorer™, the industry’s first bespoke MP3 device. A few years later Antenna was awarded a BAFTA for its pioneering work in developing the world’s first handheld multimedia guide and in 2009 we launched Love Art on iTunes, one of the first cultural applications for smartphones.

Using our vast experience as producers of high quality audio and rich multimedia content, Antenna is dedicated to creating new and engaging experiences for your visitors at the time, place and platform of their choice. We work with you to align the final product firmly with your business objectives and help you to measure and plan your strategy around the results.