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Statue Stories

What if you could bring to life inanimate objects with a voice to tell passersby a story, enticing visitors them to learn more and visit your museum or attraction?

Statue Stories brings marketing campaigns to life through its unique use of Near Field Communication (NFC) QR codes and short URLs. Curious passers-by can swipe or scan using their smartphone triggering a “call back” from the character, creature, or object.

Statue Statues use low cost technology to give people access to content and experiences. The technology is intuitive, making it easy to launch a spontaneous and immersive experience that not only brings marketing campaigns to life and gives statues a voice and a personality that enables them to reach different demographics and a wider audience. It’s all about creating great content on the move both inside and outside of your building. Statue Story technology can be applied to a wide array of other objects; posters, bridges and buildings each with a story to tell