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Sign Language Tours

What if what is commonly called an audio tour wasn’t just for those who could hear? What if you could also provide an enriching tour experience for those who are Deaf?

With a handheld signed video tour, you will be providing your visitors who are Deaf with a interpretation will augment their visit like never before.  And, these signed tours are not just video messages translated from spoken word; they’re original productions in their own rights.  

We understand the importance of expressive and authentic storytelling in sign language.  Your stories will be told by signers in our tours are Deaf actors, native in their respective sign language –  not interpreters who learned sign later in life.  We even cast multiple signers as various characters to emulate the structure of an audio tour, because we know that just as different voices make for a richer audio experience, each signer has a completely unique way of expressing themselves.   The process also includes video drafts, site visits, and user testing to make our sign language tour development iterative and reflect the input of the Deaf community. Your Deaf visitors crave an authentic experience sculpted for their needs, and that’s exactly what we will provide.


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