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The National Gallery in London

Project Description

The National Gallery is one of the world’s foremost public collections of Western art, from the Early Renaissance to Impressionism. Since 1995, when Antenna created the Gallery Guide™ and later the world’s first app, Love Art, we’ve been the exclusive supplier of audio production and equipment.

As part of our ongoing work, we created 100 fifteen-minute downloadable podcasts, released on the first of every month for eight years. Each podcast pushed the boundaries of interpretation, complete with thematic audio and video content to compliment current and forthcoming exhibitions, tours and lectures.

By pinpointing audience interests and bringing information directly to museum visitors, we showcased behind-the-scenes elements, previewed temporary exhibitions, and provided information about upcoming events. The team worked in consultation with representatives from digital media, marketing and education to develop productions that offered hundreds of interviews and contemporary voices, often recording at international locations.

The podcasts are available for download and subscription on the National Gallery website and iTunes. They feature multiple versions—audio with and without images and/or as a transcript—and support a variety of technologies over the years.