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Museum of Modern Art

Project Description

With 3.2 million visitors each year, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is one of the most influential modern art museums in the world. Our challenge was to provide a universal full-service mobile guide operation.

We started with our expertise in hand-held mobile device design and built a custom solution that transformed 2,000 Apple iPods from individual to mass-use. We designed custom cases for each unit that had to be robust enough to withstand use by thousands of visitors every day and securely hold the iPods, while and interfacing with the Apple configurator for mass uploading and charging via Datacharger™.

A full staffing service for Audio+ distribution actively encourages visitors to use a free iTouch guide or download MoMA’s app on their personal devices. To execute this, we worked closely with the museum to ensure the operations staff (a 15-person distribution staff, a client services manager, a site manager and a regional client services technician) fit seamlessly into the larger MoMA Visitor Services team. Together, they distribute, charge, support and update the devices.

New audio content is developed for temporary exhibitions and the permanent collection. There are versions for children and adults as well as visual descriptive tours in nine languages: English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish. Audio streaming is also available on MoMA’s application.

Photo courtesy of the Museum of Modern Art