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Milwaukee Art Museum

Project Description

The Milwaukee Art Museum is nationally recognized for its innovative art education programming. Seeking a fun way to engage with their youngest audiences, they worked with our Digital Media team to create a two-part app for children. Funding was provided by Kohl’s Art Generation, a joint effort to bring art and creativity to area kids and their families.

The A is for Art tour was designed for children aged five to seven and is charmingly voiced by a child actor. The museum’s youngest audiences are engaged in the ABC’s of art with a scavenger-hunt, arranged by location, throughout the museum. Short audio excerpts encourage discussion between the adults and the children in the group.

Similarly, Eye-Touch is for children aged seven to eleven, guiding them around the museum to see more than forty works in the collection. The tour carefully balances fun experiences (such as behind-the-scenes video footage of artists at work) and on-screen activities. It even includes weather reports with a local meteorologist, based on paintings and audio games where participants pick the sound effects. With this unparalleled level of engagement, children take a closer look at the artwork.