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Museo Frida Kahlo

Project Description

Casa Azul is Frida Kahlo’s cherished home, opened as a museum just four years after she died. The museum wanted a production that would capture Kahlo’s identity, sharing the story of their revered artist’s life by unwrapping the writings, sketches, photos, and favorite treasures found in her home.

Our creative services included multimedia app design, script writing and recording, sound design, game development and video editing.

The multimedia experience brings visitors on an unparalleled journey through Frida’s home. They can explore Casa Azul like never before, including the garden and outbuildings. Guests gain new insights into both the artist and her creativity in an intimate setting, ultimately introducing visitors to her spirit.

Within the app, touch-and-learn hotspots are activated by pressing icons onscreen. First, captivating audio provides overviews of each room. Then, smaller objects from around the room appear on the screen— and visitors are encouraged to search for them and learn their secret stories.

Rare photographs and videos teach visitors about Frida’s strong will and ability to turn her misfortunes into artistic creativity. Two games, designed for both children and adults, further enhance the experience. Finally, a treasure hunt leads visitors through the grounds to virtually retrieve items. Along the way, virtual conch shells make music, as inspired by the real shells that decorate the home’s terraces, evoking Aztec tradition.

The beauty of Casa Azul is highlighted in the stunning interface design. Looking to capture Frida Kahlo’s identity, the team drew inspiration from her home, gardens and personal treasures to create an app that in unmistakably hers. The vibrant colors of the home guided the design process, with colors and textures from the actual building used directly in the design as backgrounds, navigations bars and headers. This works in tandem with lively elements from Frida’s paintings, as well as sound effects, original songs from Frida’s time and original music.