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European Solidarity Center

Project Description

The European Solidarity Centre in Poland is a cultural institution dedicated to the ideas, history and context of the Solidarity movement.

To provide context to this complex subject, we created an app with a layered content approach. It features summaries of the events and detailed explanations in specific “hotspots.” Together, these layers create an experience simultaneously detailed enough to keep the interest of the locals, and provide context and understanding for those not familiar with the historical events.

The app is available in multiple languages to reflect the international visitors: English, French, German, Polish, Russian, and Spanish. The guide has also been translated into Kashubian, a local language from Gdansk, where the historic protests occurred. Local visitors are able to hear their native tongue on a professional production—something many of them have not experienced ever before!

Children are encouraged to have fun with this challenging topic through a variety of interactive experiences and games. The narration features two characters—an old woman and a young girl—who speak directly to young visitors, welcome them, and encourage them to have fun as they travel back in time to hear the history of Poland.

Through a series of tasks, children travel through the rooms. They click on photos to meet people, paint the Solidarity logo, pick items to send to people living through war and strife, and arrange post-USSR nations on a map. By the end of the tour, they are brought back to the contemporary world and discover that the young girl and old woman are the same person!