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Onsite Operations

What if your entire operation ran smoothly, with a dedicated account manager in charge to implement best practices and a staff to care for equipment? How much easier would everything be for your institution’s staff and the visitors?

The highest take up rates can be achieved with our unrivaled expertise and experience in the operational management of on-site audio guide services. We provide and implement marketing and operational plans and services custom designed to fit your individual needs, taking careful consideration of the physical and logistical challenges of each site. Soon, your institution will be counted among the most commercially and logistically successful audio tour operations in the world.

Each client is assigned an individual account manager to relieve you of as much pressure as possible and work directly on your project. Our account managers implement the global best practices implemented honed over decades of worldwide experience. They are responsible for:

  • Overseeing work with the creative and technical staff from kickoff meeting to launch
  • Manage all operational efforts, including retail and marketing plans
  • Embedding our staff to work in your institution or providing training to your staff
  • Installing all equipment and opening the tour
  • Providing regular reports and ongoing analysis

Antenna’s approach and commitment to service are built upon valued relationships set us apart from our competitors.