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Antenna LAB

Every day we speak with customers like you about their goals and challenges to increase revenue and add visitors in a competitive market. They tell us that finding a strategic approach to overcoming this can be difficult. That’s why we started Antenna LAB.

LAB exists to help you deal with the problems you may be facing as a business, from understanding and adopting new technology; to giving your visitors what they really want; and identifying and working towards a shared goal.

Drawing on Antenna International’s 20 years of experience in the museum sector, and a unique group of highly talented and motivated people who all love museums and attractions, LAB defines itself with its openness and flexibility. What sets us apart from other organisations is that we’re not out to sell you a product, but to find the best outcome for everyone involved.


Antenna LAB offers consultancy services in 5 key areas:

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Practical, strategic plans for articulating, agreeing, and achieving your vision


Defining, designing and delivering bespoke visitor experiences and prototypes


Implementing industry best practice, filling skills gaps, driving greater knowledge and efficiency among staff/employees. This includes aligning your teams and articulating the needs and strategic objectives necessary to meet your current challenges.


Implementation of new, more efficient strategy and processes with clearly defined and measurable outcomes


Identifying what works, what doesn’t, and why. Using this to build more successful products and services.

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