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Experience Design

What if your interpretive services provider was able to partner with you and your institution to design a custom storytelling experience for your visitors?  Imagine your audience completely engaged in powerful stories, remembering objects and events more vividly, and experiencing thrilling adventures at your site?

We know from our clients around the world that a tour is successful when visitors connect to a story and engaged intellectually and emotionally with the museum or cultural site.   We work with you to unearth the most fascinating, most surprising, and most exciting voices bringing your site and collections to life, so that visitors want to return again and again.

Our Experience Design team will work closely with you throughout each stage of your project, understanding your requirements and agreeing on a clear vision of what you want to communicate, to whom, and how. Your collections and sites will be brought to life by a full creative team, including content designers, writers, producers, professional voice actors/narrators, graphic/multimedia designers, experience designers, interactive designers, developers, and sound designers who specialize in incorporating voices, music, and sound effects to create soundscapes that will both contextualize and express the beauty and value of your collection.  Together, we will ensure that your project goals fit seamlessly within the overall central project concept and build and develop creative elements that meet those goals. This layered content strategy allows for a core narrative thread to be supplemented with themed or connecting content to provide comprehensive, multi-dimensional interpretation. The entire process is geared towards creating an experience that builds your institution’s reputation and increases your visitors’ satisfaction.

A story is more than just a crafted narrative. It’s the context and style of delivery that enhances a story and creates the emotional connection that is a critical part of visitor engagement. We support your storytelling and engagement objectives. The final production is delivered in a style and voice that is unmistakably yours.