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Antenna Ecosystem




  • Command total visibility, unprecedented control
  • Make on-site operation easier and less stressful
  • Optimize and evolve your visitor experience
  • Identify device issues before they become a problem
  • Manage content and devices from anywhere at any time
  • Harness the power of live Data Reporting

Antenna M3


The M3 Multimedia player is our most versatile interpretation device ever. It’s also slim, elegant and extremely comfortable to use. Read more...

Antenna XP3


The XP3 Audio player is our most robust player to date. Built by us, from scratch with an elegant design, color screen and superior digital sound. Read more...

Antenna GT3


The GT3 is our Group Tour System. With automatic channel-hopping you never have to worry about frequencies, or interference from multiple groups. Read more...



Much more than a charger, the internet-connected Datacharger utilises a single form-factor to push content, monitor performance, and extract usage data from all your devices Read more...



Take complete control over design, build and management of your tours from anywhere, at any time. Read more...

Data Reporting


Understand what your visitors are doing, identify trends and adapt to changes in visitor behaviour. Read more...

Antenna Apps


Designed to fit seamlessly with your branding, Antenna Apps provides more than 40+ interactive multimedia tour features that sit within a highly customizable framework. Read more...

Mobile Device Management


MDM is our custom-built device management tool that allows you to monitor, update and manage your devices remotely. Read more...