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Company  – Innovation is in our DNA

Though we’re now the world’s leading provider of audio and multimedia visitor experiences, Antenna International began life as part of an experimental performing arts group. The passion for creativity and innovation that inspired us to explore new forms of theatrical experience 30 years ago still fuels us now.

From the very beginning, we’ve constantly been looking for new and better ways to help our clients inform, involve and inspire their visitors.

Our industry firsts include:NewYorkPublicLibraryIrisimage128

  • the introduction of the Gallery Guide, the first truly random-access player using CD-ROM technology
  • the launch of the X-plorer, the most successful audio tour device ever
  • the first exclusive agreement with online distributors for downloadable audio content
  • the first interactive, self-guided sign language tour for deaf or hearing impaired visitors
  • the first pilot of a handheld multimedia tour in 2001

In fact, we’ve been responsible for every major development in handheld interpretation since the cassette player.

We’re currently at the forefront of the development of the latest innovative experiences, including our groundbreaking Talking Statues project with Sing London, which brings the iconic statues of capital cities to life like never before, and the first ever implementation of a Google Glass-based tour in a major exhibition at the de Young Museum in San Francisco.

And while we continue to explore the capabilities and potential that today’s advances offer us and our clients, we’re impatient to discover what the next generation of technologies, media and platforms will enable us to do tomorrow.



Antenna helps cultural institutions attract more visitors, increase revenues, and more fully embrace their mission by applying our unique expertise in audio and multimedia tour production and execution. Our in-house teams of producers, writers, music and sound engineers, designers, linguists and operations staff bring remarkable expertise and decades of experience to help you to do such things as:

  • Improve the quality of your visitor experience, increasing visitor numbers and repeat visits
  • Enhance your institution’s reputation and the reputation of the brand
  • Innovate in ways that actually works and will position you first amongst your peers
  • Implement and maintain new technology in a cost-effective and efficient way
  • Increase revenue opportunities

We look closely at the way your institution operates. We ask a lot of questions. We look at the answers in the context of 30 years of experience with clients all over the world and a history of pioneering some of the most landmark innovations in interpretative technology. Then we help you identify what’s best for you, dedicated to truly understanding the culture, the issues, and the objectives, that lie at the heart of what you want to achieve.




We are not just a supplier. We are a partner. A facilitator. 30 years ago, we began as part of an experimental performing arts group with defining hallmarks: passion for creativity, innovation,  an instinct to explore new forms of theatrical experience, and a drive to excite. From the very beginning, we’ve been looking for new and better ways to help our clients inform, involve, and inspire their visitors.

13_X-plorer2_Handheld_800With offices and teams in 24 locations around the world, we understand the cultural nuances and demands of multi-lingual and multi-national tour experiences. We are dedicated to collaborating with and supporting you every step of the way, from concept to delivery, and support, making the whole journey as seamless and time-effective as possible



The Company We Keep

Whether you’re an international museum or a small heritage site, we can offer you a solution. We consistently provide the same premium quality experience for each and every project no matter what size.

For example, MoMA in New York, the National Gallery in London, Opera Garnier in Paris, the Vatican in Rome, or Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Inverary Jail and Tonbridge Castle in the United Kingdom, Jaciment d’Empuries in Spain, Tropical Spice Garden in Malaysia, Masada in Israel, and the USS Midway in the United States, all receive the same attention and dedication.