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Audio Tours

What if you could have an audio tour which transported your visitors to the time and place of the objects at which they were looking so that their experiences be more engaging and therefore more memorable?

With our audio landscapes and guided narrations, visitors will have a more intimate and personal experience.  Our audio-only option will be a trusted voice for your visitors, guiding careful observations and insights, engaging the imagination more fully in a focused manner, helping you provide a more intimate and personal experience.

Our award-winning writers and sound engineers will find the right balance between your visuals and our audio to create a rich soundscape and, in doing so, provide a tangible sense of cultural or historical context to enhance the visitor experience.  With a wealth of options at your disposal in terms of style, form, tone and technique, we will work with you to create a finished result that’s perfectly tailored to your requirements. We provide the best Experience Design resources: writers who have written scripts on similar materials and topics and content designers and producers who have worked with comparable collections and sites.

Collaborating with your team, we will challenge assumptions about what audio interpretation can be, and create tours full of intimacy, behind-the-scenes information, secrets, humor, and one-of-a-kind stories.  Music, sound effects, and acoustic atmosphere bring your story and site to life, spark the imagination and appeal to a variety of learning styles.  The final product will be an immersive, unique experience full of surprise and delight.