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05_X-plorer2_Connector_close_up_800X-plorer 2


What if you could have an interpretation device that was so versatile that it would ensure the same premium quality tour experience for any tour type and any visitor demographic?

The X-plorer 2 is the latest addition to the famous X-plorer family – reliable, versatile and durable with high-quality audio output and intuitive keypad controls.

The X-plorer 2 has been designed to help us to help you:

  • Increase visitor satisfaction and maintain that standard in the future
  • Build a reputation for a premium visitor experience
  • Reduce staff costs and down time
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve operation efficiency and increase repeat visits
  • Make sure all visitors leave your institution with a more informed, memorable experience

As a partner, we go through a very thorough process to understand your needs and what your objectives are. We discuss your institutions challenges, objectives and try to identify the solutions that will work within the culture and demographic you have nurtured, whether you’re a small institution or a top tier Museum or Heritage Site. The X-plorer 2 has been designed with our clients’ needs in mind, through Antenna’s learnings over the last 30 years, and through lasting partnerships with key players in the museum industry

13_X-plorer2_Handheld_800Key features:

Durable Design – Rugged construction for continual and mass use, indoors or outdoors.

Ease of Use – Stylish looks of XP-Iris 2, in a smaller comfortable palm size.

Backwards Compatible – Supports existing XP-Classic content.

Flexible Tours – 8GB memory + SD card storage supports random access or linear tour structures.

Long Battery Life – Up to 12 hours of continual reuse without charging.

Versatile Access – Screen display supports multi-language characters. Disability compliant keypad. Induction loop compatible for visitors who are hard-of-hearing.

Upkeep – Basic repairs are as simple as possible for the fastest turn around for all maintenance issues.