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Access Audiences

What if your institution could provide incredible experiences for every visitor, regardless of ability?

Our understanding of access audiences—honed through years of working with accessibility advocacy groups and access experts—means authentic, customized experiences. Regardless of ability, we passionately bring your stories to all of your visitors.

We design our mobile apps, multimedia, and audio tours to provide integrated, distinct, and holistic experiences for individuals with disabilities. We integrate access features and specialist programs like closed and open video captioning, sign language, verbal description and text enlargement. In addition, we incorporates universal design principles and include stakeholders in the design and testing process. Our goal is simple: Ensure features are successful for all audiences and help your institution overcome accessibility challenges.

We have a history of partnering with our clients and international advocacy organizations to find groundbreaking solutions: We were the first to create an in-gallery sign language tour and continue to win awards for our work for these audiences. We ensure that our proprietary devices have keyboards designed for maximum accessibility, with direct input from disability advocacy groups. Finally, we constantly pioneer new research and conduct focus groups to ensure that those in the disability community get a full, equal and engaging experience.