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Multimedia Tours & Apps

What if you were able to bring your stories to life through playful interactivity and intuitive multimedia, enabling your visitors to discover the breadth and depth of your collection?

The multimedia we create for you will empower people to discover information themselves through various themed tours and dive deeper into the additional content that interests them the most, whether that be historic or artistic themes, biographies, or landmarks.

Using your multimedia tour, visitors will see fascinating images of artworks up close, historical maps, archival materials, and photographs of artists at work, allowing them to make connections to other parts of the tour, your site or even other landmarks in your city.

To create media that fit seamlessly into your audience’s needs, we create multimedia experiences (onsite or as downloadable apps) that are innovative, engaging, and easy to navigate.  The combination of sound, images, video, text and graphics and our ever growing repertoire of bespoke design and feature solutions create new and exciting ways for visitors to engage with your exhibitions, both inside and outside of the museum. Design and functionalities can be customized, including: content hotspots with zoom features and access to additional information, interactive maps, quizzes, skylines, timelines, games, and social media integration. Furthermore, the complexities of your space can be overcome with on-screen maps and signage for navigations and orientation, enabling visitors to find and link items and locations as they follow themes and interests.

We work with you every step of the way, utilizing our team of highly skilled writers, producers and designers to incorporate a layered, iterative process – first understanding user requirements, then focusing on developing the structure and flow of an experience before adding the look-and-feel through design concepts and functional prototypes. Working in collaboration with you, our graphic/multimedia and interactive designers create a framework that fits your identity, including storyboarding, user profiles, rapid prototyping and user testing to create the most optimized user environment and in turn, the final application.

The applications are built on Antenna’s Publisher™ software allowing us to publish content-rich apps to Apple iOS, Android, and proprietary handheld devices, and their respective online stores for mass distribution and/or uploaded to a device for use on-site